welcome to black barrow.

we’ll start with a brief introduction…

residential | commercial | brick fence | melbourne

do it because you love it.


be genuine in the company of others.


distill to the meaningful and balanced.


commit to the amazing adventure that is life.


dwell on the good.


say what you do then do what you say.

what we do.

We build beautiful brick fences for residential and commercial clients who live and work in Melbourne. While we are certainly happy to quote for a brick fence located in the northern and western suburbs, the majority of our completed brick fences are located within the eastern and south-eastern suburbs.

our story.

Formerly trading as Melbourne Masonry and Metal, Black Barrow was established in response to our evolving direction and company philosophy.

While our focus on quality construction and client expectation remains unchanged, we recognised that we needed to promote and celebrate the aspects of ourselves and our industry that are the source of our inspiration and passion.

Designing and constructing brick fences is not just a job for us; it forms a significant part of our life and our identity. It is our opportunity to connect with others, to educate ourselves and to challenge our limits.

We are the premier residential and commercial brick fence builder in Melbourne and we love what we do.

our mission.

To design and build beautiful brick fences.

our philosophy.

Simple tools are all that are required to achieve extraordinary results.

our promise.

Our clients will enjoy the journey as much as the result.

our associations.

Black Barrow is a proud member of both the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association of Victoria.

Our relationship with the HIA and MBAV keeps us up-to-date with the latest developments in construction principles, design, materials and industry best-practice.