Finding time to look after yourself can be tricky when you work as much as we do, but we’ve discovered a few things that may help.

Reducing Inflammation

reducing inflamation

Inflammation is a daily concern for most builders and tradesmen. Whether it’s caused by impact – such as bumping into a wheelbarrow or walking on an unstable surface – or by a repetitive action over several years – such as laying bricks or laying tiles on your knees – inflammation can be the deciding factor for some builders and tradesmen to completely change their careers and their lifestyle.

Yannick Boribon-Soares (Naturopath) of Without Limits Health and Osteopathy shares some insight into inflammation and a recipe for an anti-inflammatory drink to help keep you healthy and moving freely.


To read Yannick’s article, simply visit her blog post on the Without Limits Health and Osteopathy website at


We’ve tried the drink ourselves and recommend it to anyone looking for a natural remedy to inflammation. Feel free to contact the team at Without Limits Health and Osteopathy if you have any questions regarding inflammation you may be experiencing or if you would like to book an appointment.

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